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Well, we have had a whole lot of girls on the blog, so it’s fun to have a guy’s session to share! Trey is from Cashmere High School, and is a graduating senior. Guys, I know you may not be as excited to plan your outfits and pose for the camera, but please know that it can be a really fun experience! We can include things you love and are interested in, and you can have a super cool urban shoot that you AND your parents will love. Here’s a few pointers for my senior guy clients:

-Even if senior portraits are the LAST thing you want to be doing, remember that your parent(s) are really excited for you, and likely, they would love a photo to remember your senior year. And, you might be surprised to find that you enjoy looking back on these photos in the years to come.

-We can include things like your musical instrument or your varsity jacket. This is an awesome time to show off your accomplishments and the things you are proud of. Please let me know if you’ll be wanting to incorporate props so we can make them shine in your poses.

-Take great care of your skin and hair before your session! These things really show in photos, as well as things like clean nails, ironed clothes, and clean shoes. Please pay attention to these things when you are planning your session so your photos come out amazingly!

-Don’t stress about posing. I can help you with how to stand, sit, and fold your arms, and after a few poses, you will be a natural! You don’t have to be a model to achieve great senior photos.


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