Erika | Eastmont High School | Tamra LaRae Photography

An Eastmont High School graduate, Erika was just one of those radiantly beautiful girls who you instantly want to get to know! Her definition of true beauty was, “Having a positive attitude, because how you treat others is how they are going to treat you”, and I felt her genuine spirit and authenticity come through in her whole session. She holds an impressive 3.75 G.P.A. at Eastmont, and can’t wait to attend a four-year college to major in business. Erika looks up to her mom most of all in her life, because of the “the way she takes care of everyone in our family, is hardworking, and motivates me to be a better person”. She tried to overcome her fear of public speaking during her years in school, and says she is still trying to get comfortable talking in front of people when she has to do presentations. “I’m hardworking, responsible, and shy”, she says, “My favorite high school memory is having P.E. with my friends because we got to play games and have a lot of fun, and my biggest accomplishment would be making it into the National Honor Society in my sophomore year.”

In her spare time, Erika likes shopping at places like Buckle, going to the movies, and wanted to “have a lot of fun” for her session. We had a great time finding the perfect location for her session, and all her fall-inspired jewel tones worked well with the woodland and water areas we found. She said she plans to hang her beautiful images up in her family’s home, and I can’t wait to see how she incorporates them…they are all lovely. If you are getting ready for your senior session, please let me know, so we can book the time that works best for your schedule. It is best to book early on in your senior year so that you don’t cut it too close for yearbooks and photo deadlines!


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