Becky | Eastmont High School | Tamra LaRae Photography

“If I had a million dollars, I’d donate it to charity”, Becky told me, and I knew this girl had a heart of gold. Much like all my other seniors, she is both athletic and adorable, and will graduate from Eastmont High School in 2016. She was voted “most inspirational” for volleyball and softball, and lettered in drama, band, and sports medicine. She really found her passion in sports medicine, and hopes to study Kinesiology in college. She says she is sad her family and friends won’t be as close when she is in college, but also cannot wait to meet new people and have new experiences. Strong and confident, she says her usual style is comfy and cute, and loves shopping at Forever 21 when she has a spare moment. The outfits she picked for her senior photos were just right for her personal style, and I especially loved her floral dress, and cardigan layered over. When you choose outfits for your senior pics, choose things that reflect you, even if you decide to dress drastically formal or casual. Your outfits can still reflect who you are! Becky says, “True beauty is when the person has really become themselves. They have finally figured out how they like to dress and look and that makes them happy. Seeing someone who is confident in how they dress and how they look is true beauty I think. That is also something I admire. Being able to see confidence in someone gives them a bigger advantage, because they love themselves and are proud to show it.” This sweet girl will be heading to Disneyland and Europe next summer after graduation, and then will be onto her next adventure…college! I know she will do great!


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