Skylar | Eastmont High School | Tamra LaRae Photography

How cute are these suitcase themed portraits (below)? I loved that they signify the journey this senior is embarking on as she graduates from Eastmont High School. Armed with a 3.9 G.P.A., she plans to attend WVC for two years, and then transfer to WSU to complete her degree in veterinary medicine. She earned a “letter” for her involvement in sports medicine at Eastmont, and describes herself as brave, fun, and kind. She says the biggest challenge she faced in school was juggling the different expectations from teachers. “Keeping my grades up was pretty hard”, she explained, “Teachers expect you to do all the work for their class, while other teachers are giving you more work!”. She managed to get through by working hard and managing her time, crediting her sense of humor for getting her though as well. Skylar loves to shop at places like Zumies, and picked laid-back bohemian-styled pieces for her outfits, as well as more casual pieces. She had a definitive style, and we even included her favorite piece of clothing: her beanie! She says people often think she is shy, but she says, “I’m actually really fun to be around once you get past my shy side, and I believe confidence is truly beautiful. When someone is truly confident, they can start to love themselves”. Skylar said she wanted to have fun, and have images that truly reflected who she was. I loved the genuine smiles we caught, and her hair and makeup were just perfect, letting her natural beauty shine through!

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