Cecilia | Eastmont High School | Tamra LaRae Photography

“I believe true beauty is who you are in your heart, not who you pretend to be only to fit in with a group of people.
Who you are on the inside is who you should let people see. True beauty is being friendly, honest and true to you.”
-Cecilia, Class of 2016

One of my favorite things to ask my seniors is, “What are the three words that you’d use to describe yourself”? I love hearing the ways they see themselves, and the things they believe are their strengths. Cecilia said “Ambitious, friendly, and fabulous!”…Such a great answer. I love girls who are confident in who they are and the things they want in life. Cecilia will graduate from Eastmont High School, after which she hopes to attend UW or WSU, and is deciding between a degree in law or medicine. Cecilia says her parents are her biggest heroes, “because they have worked hard alongside each other to provide for my family. My parents were forced to be separated for roughly 2 years because my brother got leukemia and had to live in Seattle with me and my mother for treatment. The first time my brother got sick he was cured with chemo, but the second time he was cured with my bone marrow transplant. My mom had to move to a whole new city with just her two kids and she didn’t know anyone in the city, didn’t know how to drive and didn’t know how to speak English. My father had to stay in Wenatchee and care for my two other brothers. Both of my parents have had rough lives, whether its working in packing sheds, orchards or in landscaping my parents have always worked hard for what they have and would do anything just for my brothers and I to have a brighter future.” I was really moved by what she told me about her parents; she appreciates what they have done for her so much. She added that her biggest obstacle she had to overcome was her fear of public speaking…she said her business communication class taught her how to keep her cool during presentations, and that high school taught her to juggle tasks and manage her time well. She was scrolling through Instagram, when she happened upon a photo tagged with Tamra LaRae Photography, and I feel so honored she chose me to do her senior portraits. Cecilia had such a gorgeous session, and I loved every single outfit she chose. She is a bright and smart gal, and she has such a bright future ahead of her!


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