Amaris | Eastmont High School | Tamra LaRae Photography

What a knockout, right?! Amaris is just stunning, and as smart as she is stylish. Better yet, her grounded sensibility and humility make her beautiful inside as well. “I most admire the way someone treats others”, she says, “I think the most beautiful characteristic of a person is the grace they employ when conversing with another person, whether they know them or not”. With her eyes set high on Stanford after graduation, Amaris excels in biology and says her biggest fault is “being too hard” on herself. She ranks in the top 5% of her graduating class, and juggled multiple clubs, as well as volunteering at her church in her free time. “Once I take a step back and look at what I’ve done compared to others, I realize that a major milestone in my life is probably my GPA (3.97) and my involvement in school despite my busy schedule”, she explains, “And I can’t wait to meet new people next year and go on a senior trip! I am proud of all I have accomplished.”

Her personal style she would describe as “urban with an edge”, and I loved her fun style; it matched her outgoing personality and energy. The leather jacket layered over a dress added some stylish flair, and the charm of her oversized denim shirt kept things casual. Though the industrial setting may not have been a first choice of a senior, I knew there was magic to be found…turns out it was perfect for a stylish urban shoot! If you’re ready to book your senior shoot, please contact me today!




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