Alexis| Seniors | Mansfield High School

When¬†looking at the mirror, don’t look at your face alone, but also look at your heart
because that’s where your beauty lies.

This pretty senior graduated this year, as part of the Class of 2015, from Mansfield High School. She is beautiful inside and out, and has such a sweet spirit. She describes herself as, “fun, fresh, and athletic”, and loves horses. Her personal style leans towards country-chic, and I am so glad that reflected in her photos, since they really captured who she is. We found some perfect locations, including a cool bridge, and a sunlit field. Alexis says her favorite place to shop is American Eagle, and that she loves to spend a day off with a copy of US Weekly and a green tea lemonade, preferably at the beach! Her session truly captured her sunny personality, and I’m so honored she chose me to do her senior portraits! If you’re ready to book your senior session, please contact me today!¬†We can do your portraits anywhere that helps tell the story of you (obviously, certain locations may be trickier than others, but I love to hear inspiration and ideas), and my true desire is that they showcase the things you love, and what makes you who you are!


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